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Medical Meditation: Our Story

Medical Meditation is a free, unique Android or iPhone app designed for people suffering from chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety or grief.

The meditation series was created to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic illnesses. Developed Dr. Nikhil Joshi, a Canadian physician and cancer survivor who discovered that mindfulness, introspection and reflection gave him strength throughout his own cancer diagnosis and treatment. Medical Meditation encourages patients to create mindfulness using relaxation techniques to reduce the stress of illness and initiate a positive change in mental wellbeing.

Dr. Nikhil Joshi
Clinical Immunologist and Allergist
Dr. Nikhil Joshi
Person meditating with phone

App Features:

  • A library of guided meditations for a variety of chronic illnesses
  • The ability to create personalized playlists for different needs
  • Inspirational 'Daily Compassion' affirmations
  • The aid of progress via the symptom tracker
Having cancer and receiving treatment was tough. I felt the stress of my illness was at times greater than the illness itself, so I developed a series of guided meditations to ease my suffering. Those meditations changed my life immensely and this is something I want to share with others experiencing the stress of chronic illness.
- Dr. Nikhil Joshi


The topics available in the meditation library include: